Hip-Hop News: Texas Rapper Big Lurch Gets Life Sentence
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/8/2003 2:15:16 PM
Big Lurch aka Antron Singleton, rapper from Texas was recently served with life sentence in prison. This is due to the tearing open of 21 year old Tynisha Ysais' chest and eating of her lung, brutally killing her her under the influence of PCP. Lurch worked with of Bay Area rappers such as RBL Posse, C-Bo, E-40, Luni Coleone, and also Mystikal,etc. Lurch had pled insanity for the case but the judge was not having it.
Here is an old article from earlier in the year before the decision was made, incase you aren't familiar with this story:

Big Lurch Faces Trial For Torture and Murder
By Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, BET.Com Staff Writer

Posted July 12, 2002-- Antron "Big Lurch" Singleton, the rapper who was accused of cannibalism, is preparing for pretrial hearings on July 18. The 27-year-old pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 13 after being arrested for the grisly murder of a 21-year-old South Central Los Angeles woman in April.

The rapper, whose charge of murder was amended to include torture, was also charged with one count of aggravated mayhem and is currently being held without bail.

If convicted on the charges, Singleton faces the death penalty or life in prison. The District Attorney's office has not indicated whether or not they will seek the death penalty for the rapper who, according to sources, killed Tynisha Ysais, 21, in a PCP induced attack.

A detective's report said Ysais was killed in her apartment. Further examination revealed tooth marks on her face and lungs, which were torn from her chest.

A medical examination performed soon after his capture found human flesh in Singleton's stomach that was not his own.

Ysais was found in her apartment with her chest torn open and a three-inch blade broken off in her shoulder blade. The detective also said that her lungs appeared to be chewed and torn.

Ysais' boyfriend also told police that both he and the aspiring rapper used PCP the day before the alleged murder took place.

Eyewitnesses said that, when he was picked up by police, Singleton was naked in the middle of the street covered in blood and staring at the sky.

A friend of Ysais', Alisa Allen, then discovered Ysais laying dead in her apartment, which prompted her to contact authorities.

As Big Lurch, Singleton has rapped with popular rappers like Mystikal and E-40.

At the time of the murder, he was reportedly working on a new album.
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